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PDO Thread Lift

At Lady Bella Medspa, we proudly offer PDO thread lift services to help you combat the signs of aging and achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Our PDO thread lifts are designed to tighten loose skin, reduce wrinkles, and minimize fine lines, providing you with long-lasting and natural-looking results.

Discover the Benefits of PDO Threads

Discover the Benefits of PDO Threads

Understanding PDO Threads: PDO threads are surgical sutures made from a biodegradable synthetic polymer called polydioxanone (PDO). These FDA-approved threads are compatible with human tissues, ensuring safe absorption by the body over time without the risk of allergic reactions. While commonly used for medical purposes such as cardiac surgery and treating gynecological disorders, PDO threads are also highly effective for aesthetic treatments.

Facial Benefits: PDO threads are an excellent option for addressing visible signs of aging, including sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. By inserting PDO threads under the skin, collagen production is stimulated, leading to tighter and stronger skin. Collagen is a vital protein that improves skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines, and enhances overall skin tightness.

Experience the Power of MINT™ PDO

MINT PDO Results: With MINT™ PDO, you can enjoy immediate results without the need to wait for weeks or months. While individual results may vary, common outcomes achieved with MINT™ PDO include heart-shaped, higher cheekbone contours, exotic cat-eye contours, a defined jawline, softer smile lines, softer eyebrows, and smoother necklines.

Benefits of MINT PDO: MINT PDO offers numerous advantages, including long-lasting results, minimal risk of adverse reactions, little to no downtime, minimal scarring, no incisions required, versatility in treating various areas of the face and body, the option for repeated treatments if desired, and the ability to soften sagging, folding, or hollowing in the mid-face and jowls along the jawline. It serves as an excellent alternative to surgical options, providing effective rejuvenation with less invasiveness.


Why Choose PDO Threads?

PDO threads are a safe and natural option for facial rejuvenation. Made of polydioxanone, a natural and absorbable material commonly used in surgery as dissolvable sutures, PDO threads offer excellent results with minimal downtime. You can typically resume your normal activities within 48 hours, making it convenient for individuals with busy schedules.

Understanding PDO Thread Lifts: A PDO thread lift is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure that utilizes multiple precisely placed PDO threads to provide structure and support to the facial tissue. The threads lift the tissue for instant visible results, and collagen production stimulated by the threads further enhances rejuvenation over time.

PDO threads can be used to address wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging in various areas of the face

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