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HIFU Vaginal Tightening

Through the use of vaginal Hifu we help you improve your self-esteem.

To begin, it is important to understand what the risk factors are and why this medical condition occurs. Stretching of the vaginal cavity is associated with excessive dilation of the walls during childbirth. It can also be included within the triggers having suffered tears in the tissues, as well as natural aging. Additionally, in some cases the loss of tension is linked to genetic factors and the decrease in key hormones such as estrogen.

Vaginal Hifu, aesthetic and functional treatment

The loss of vaginal contraction capacity can have serious consequences that range from changes in sexual arousal, decreased sensitivity, loss of self-esteem, and eventually urinary incontinence.

To solve such problems, vaginal Hifu is based on the use of radio frequencies conducted by Capacitive and Resistive Electrical Transfer that treats the so-called “Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome”. This is an innovative procedure because until now, vaginal relaxation syndrome could only be treated with surgery. This implied possible adverse effects and a risk, always present in any surgical intervention.

One of the innovations in the aesthetics sector is to restore the firmness of the pelvic floor in order to rejuvenate the vagina. Thanks to High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU technology, the thickening of the walls of the vaginal cavity is stimulated without having to resort to complex procedures.

How does vaginal HIFU work?

The vaginal Hifu system is a precision, high-frequency ultrasound technique that uses a non-invasive direct approach to the mucosal lamina and muscle layer. In this way a high intensity is formed, which we call the region centered in 0.1 seconds in which the temperature can reach above 65 degrees. Thanks to this heat production, the collagen is reorganized into a layer at the predetermined depth, restoring the balance of the vaginal walls; it also stimulates the production of new collagen to maintain the results for longer.

Advantages of vaginal rejuvenation treatment without surgery

– Totally painless.

– Without incisions or sutures typical of surgery.

– No risk of infection derived from excessive erosion of the vaginal mucosa that laser devices can produce.

– The fastest solution (each session lasts about 30 minutes) and the easiest for the patient, avoiding complications.

– Quick recovery without the use of painkillers or antibiotics.

– No special preparation before treatment or post-operative precautions.

– Immediate return of the patient to her daily activity

As you can see, the vaginal Hifu is a procedure that presents not only aesthetic but also functional benefits that will help you have a better quality of life. This technique allows to obtain a tightening of the vaginal canal thanks to the stimulation of the collagen of the endopelvic fascia, achieving its hardening and thermal tightening. Additionally, vaginal rejuvenation allows for greater sexual satisfaction and a significant increase in self-esteem.

Considerations to take into account

If you are considering vaginal Hifu as a treatment for you, it is important to take into account some key aspects so that the procedure meets your needs. To begin with, the number of sessions to be carried out requires an adequate medical evaluation and follow-up that adjusts to the age of the patient and the conditions of the state of the perineum, as well as the presence of possible obstetric trauma.

You can find this medical support with us in Bellavie, we listen to your needs and together we make the best decisions so that you feel comfortable with the results. Additionally, it is also necessary to highlight that this procedure is performed with the support of a speculum, in a gynecological position and with the support of topical anesthesia to reduce possible discomfort.

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